19 November 2009

The Influence Of Financial Health Towards Physique And Mental Health

Financial Health
Why do we bother to wake up early in the morning and jogs? Why do we bother to go to the gym and exercise so hard? Why do we want to expend lots of money to consult with a doctor? All of them goes for one reason; because we want to be healthy. Indeed, to have a healthy body, we have to be aware of many factors. Some of them are life style, nutrition, environment, etc. But there is one factor that have a big influence, but most of the people doesn't realize it. Which is financial condition.

We cannot avoid the fact that being healthy is expensive. To keep our body stay in shape, cost us lots of money. Moreover when we are sick, it will cost us more just to be healthy again. And that, of course, related with how fit our financial condition are.

It is not always certain that someone who have lots of money is healthy. Everything depends on many factors. But it is most certain that, someone who have lots of money, will have more chances to live healthily. At least for the social and mental health. But unfortunately, not every people are lucky enough to have a lots of money. Many among us are still unlucky, for they not have a job.

If you are among the unlucky, don't be too downhearted. The internet provides many opportunity to fix our financial condition. There are so many things to do, one of them are paid to blog. Start by making a blog and write something interesting and useful for other people, so we can share the information and learn from each other. And then monetize your blog to earn income from your blog.

So, enhance your financial health now to have a better physique and mental health.



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