21 November 2009

Tips On How To Choose Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine
To get a herbal medicine nowadays is not so difficult. Aside from many offer at the media or direct seller from the herbal medicine's distributor, people also can buy it from drug stores, minimarket, supermarket, hypermarket even from the internet.

Aside from easy to get, consumer nowadays are faced with so many kind of product choice. But, the important thing is that the consumer have to choose carefully the herbal product which they find appropriate for them. So that there will be no negative side-effect when they consumed it.

These are some of the tips to choose the appropriate herbal medicine:

1. Find information as many as possible and consult your health problem with doctor, nutritionist, or product consultant. Also apply correctly the herbal product given recommendation so it will matches exactly with your needs.

2. Study carefully the ingredients composition. Make sure whether the product is made from natural ingredients or mixed with synthetic ingredients.

3. The success rate of curing an illness is highly depends on the accuracy in diagnosing an illness.

4. Watch carefully the production date and expiration date of the herbal product.

5. Find herbal medicine that have the morning and night formulation. Just like using common drugs, our body doesn't need the whole nutrition in the same time. We need vitamin or minerals to help us doing our daily activities, and the others are helping to repair our body in the night.

6. Follow the instructions of using the herbal medicine. the corect usage is also the key for the effectivity of the product (including dosage and time of using).

7. Our body is the most honest and fair judge. The changes in our body when we're still or after consuming the herbal medicine can be the point to decide whether it is appropriate for us or not.

8. Just like any other general medicine, always consult your doctor before you consume a specific herbal medicine. Especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with hypertention, diabetes, or heart problems.

9. Always make sure that the herbal medicine doesn't contain artificial sweetener or any other artificial ingredients.

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