14 Desember 2009

Being Healthy Doesn't Always Requires Gym

Fat and obese, besides increasing the number of sickness and death, they also cause degenerative diseases such as hypertention, CHD, diabetes mellitus (DM), cancer, sleep apnea, osteoartritis, gout, dislipidemia, gallstones, etc.

If in the past, fat was considered a resemblance of healthy, prosper, fertile, and even increasing one's prestige, nowadays those perception has changed to a frightening thoughts for most people. Fat also becomes an obstacle in daily activity, also oftenly becomes depressed. Whether it comes from the environment or within one's self.

In developed countries, the obesity number is so high, that it's even considered as an epidemic. Meanwhile, in the third countries, because of the influence of the environment and the change of lifestyle and eating habits, also occurs an increase in obesity.

There are many ways to prevent and reduce weight, one of them is by exercising. Nowadays, there are many people already realize the importance of exercise, we can see it in the cities there're many public sport facility including the gym. But it is still a problem for the busy-working people who doesn't have enough time to go to the gym. So the awareness of the importance of exercise becomes useless.

Whatever the reason is, the exercise remains to be done for your health and fitness. If you don't have time to go to the gym, you can buy your own fitness equipment. So you can practise yourself at home. On the Internet, many sites sell fitness equipment online. Also there are many instructions for your practice to avoid mistakes in doing the exercises. They are contained instructions on how to practice, type and duration of exercise tailored to your age, type and amount of nutrition you should consume, and many kinds of instructions. To do the exercise, do not need a long time. Simply 5 to 15 minutes per day, provided routine and correct way.

Good luck.



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